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LeapKit 🚀🎒

LeapKit is a collection of packages to help you build your next application with Go. Its main purpose is to make web development as fast and simple as possible and is targeted at web developers trying to take the leap and launch their next project.

There are two big components of LeapKit, the LeapKit Core and the LeapKit Template, these have two different purposes and together facilitate the usage of Leapkit.

LeapKit Core #

The LeapKit Core contains the Go libraries that facilitate the web development. this repo contains the package that accelerate the web development with LeapKit. Things such as form binding, form validating, database migrations, and routing helpers, and hot code reloading live in this package.

LeapKit Template #

The LeapKit Template contains a starting point folder structure using the LeapKit core that uses the LeapKit core and the standard library to provide common functionallity.

The template also has some CLI commands to facilitate the web development of your apps. The template is the starting point in your development journey with LeapKit, and throught he help of the gonew command is used to compose the base structure of your app.